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What will Keighley CLLD achieve?

The CLLD programme is split into 2 themes – one funded by ESF (European Social Fund) & the other funded by ERDF (European Regional Development Fund)

Under the ESF strand we will aim to support 600 local people – including 377 unemployed (including long term unemployed), 223 economically inactive, 200 over 50 years of age, 200 from ethnic minority & 118 with disabilities including mental health issues

This Keighley focused programme will also assist at least 155 people into education or training on leaving, 85 people into employment (including self employment) and at least 120 economically inactive people into employment or job search on leaving the programme

Under the ERDF strand we will aim to support 100 enterprises to receive support of which 75 will be new enterprises, create 100 new jobs (including start ups) and assist 75 potential entrepreneurs to be enterprise ready

The planned activities are: (progress shown in bold)
European Social Fund (ESF)
1. Contracted and delivering - Improving low level skills amongst young people and adults in the CLLD area, including basic skills, language and communication, personal development, employability, and ICT and digital.
2. Contracted and delivering - Providing pathways for integration and re-entry into employment for unemployed/ economically inactive CLLD residents, through employer engagement for a range of activities including short work tasters, training facilities, Training equipment rental, job clubs, work experience, job/career pathways information and awareness.
4. Contracted and delivering - Holistic family-focused support provision addressing core /employability skills and barriers to learning and employment.
10. - Practical & advisory support for employers to overcome barriers to recruiting people with disabilities
11. - Work buddy programme for micro businesses and unemployed residents
12. - CLLD area wide strategies to build resilience in families and communities and support social and community integration.
13. Contracted and Delivering - Stimulating local level collaboration amongst residents, small businesses and other local economic bodies, to support social inclusion and environmental improvements.
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
5. Small scale business grants /voucher scheme to support start-up, growth, and accessing business space and equipment.
6. Activities to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment in the CLLD area.
7. Support for federation/cluster development for small businesses to collaborate for a range of outcomes including progression and retention of skilled people within the key sectors and businesses.
8. Tailored business support for start-ups and existing SMEs, including mentoring, coaching, information, advice and guidance, business planning, and signposting and information on skills, productivity and quality improvement support.
9. Contracted and delivering - Support for new forms of enterprise including social economy and social enterprises


Update – 30th September 2020

ESF 1 and 13 are now contracted and Craven College is delivering support to residents in our Keighley CLLD area

ERDF 9 is now contracted and we are working with Participate Projects to provide support for new forms of enterprise in Keighley, including social economy enterprises. This project will run, as will all our other projects, until mid 2022

ESF 2 is now contracted and we are working with Keighley College to improve Keighley residents’ skills, providing pathways for integration and re-entry into employment 

ESF 4  is now contracted with Project 6 and will provide holistic support for Keighley families to address core employability skills


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