The CLLD Area – Are you in it?


Just click on the link above then enter your postcode or address to see if you live in (or if your business is based in) the CLLD area – you may then qualify for support from our planned activities


Our first Drop In events were held during June and July 2018 and we visited:-

1)Laycock Village Hall, 2)Foster Gardens Community Centre, 3)Highfield Community Centre, 4)Sue Belcher Community Centre, 5)Bangladeshi Centre, 6)Sangat Community Centre, and 7)Hainworth Wood Community Centre

We will be arranging further Drop In events in the future, as more of our projects start delivering support to local residents and you can come and meet our partners to see how you could benefit from CLLD support

We will put more information about those events on this page as soon as they are arranged

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