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Keighley has been successful in securing £2.4m of European Structural Investment Funds managed by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and the Department of Works and Pensions

The funding for Keighley includes £1.4m from the European Regional Development Fund (MHCLG) and £1m from the European Social Fund (DWP) amounting to 50% of the total programme value of £4.8m

To achieve the total value of the programme, the funding will be matched by delivery partners and commissioned activity deliverers

There is no match funding from Central Government but with the assistance of Bradford Council, Keighley CLLD has been successful in securing additional public funding of £500, 000

This will allow for activity deliverers to benefit from a reduced amount of match funding with their contribution down from the original 50% to an average of 40%


July 17th 2020

The procurement process for

ESF 1 – Improving low level skills amongst young people and adults in the CLLD area, including basic skills, language and communication, personal development, employability, and ICT and digital


ESF 13 – Stimulating local level collaboration amongst residents, small businesses and other local economic bodies, to support social inclusion and environmental improvements

is progressing well and we expect to be able to commence delivery of these activities very soon

ERDF 9 is now contracted and we are please to announce that Participate Projects and their partners are now delivering support – please contact Participate Projects for more details

ESF 2 is now contracted and we are pleased to announce that Keighley College and their partners are now delivering support – please contact Keighley College for more details

ESF 4 is now contracted and we are please to announce that Project 6 is now delivering support

Bradford Council is the accountable body for the full programme and Airedale Enterprise Services is the Local Action Group Support Team and therefore the first port of call for any enquiries

Keighley Community Led Local Development (CLLD) programme is locally managed and will provide support to residents and businesses in selected areas of Keighley – primarily the 20% most deprived Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs) in Keighley East, West and Central wards, and is designed to:

‘encourage local groups & organisations rooted in the community to deliver projects that contribute to increased employment, develop new & existing businesses and improve opportunities to enhance local life’

This local development strategy has been developed by the Keighley CLLD Local Action Group (LAG) and has been validated by businesses, residents and other stakeholders within the CLLD area

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