We are now delivering the following projects –

ERDF 9 – Support for new forms of enterprise including social economy and social enterprises – for details please contact Participate Projects

Keighley CLLD has a number of projects yet to be delivered, so if you are a local organisation looking to apply for the opportunity to deliver one or more of those projects and would like more information about how we can assist with single or collaborative applications, please get in touch

Our support team will be happy to help

Update – May 7th

Applications for Keighley CLLD’s Specification –
ESF 4 – Holistic family-focused support provision addressing core/employability skills and barriers to learning and employment
are now in the Appraisal stage and this page will be updated as that process progresses

Useful Documents

The Keighley CLLD Strategy

Keighley CLLD Strategy final

ERDF Eligibility Guidance


ESF Programme Guidance


ESF volunteer time additional guidance

Using volunteer time as match for ESF projects

Please contact us if you need additional information or if you would just like to have an informal chat about a potential application you might be considering

Residents and Business Owners
Once our projects begin delivering this page is where residents and business owners in the CLLD area will be able to apply or search for, potential support

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